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Human Resource Software Solutions

Technologies That Optimize Your People Processes and Take You Forward.

Our solutions are born out of a convergence of expertise in strategic initiatives, people performance initiatives, productivity, development and IT automation.

AnalyseSurvey - A Powerful Tool for Instant Online Surveys
What deters organizations from carrying out the surveys that actually empower them? One, the pain points associated with offline survey processes are too many. Two, most online solutions offer too little for too high a price. AnalyseSurvey addresses both concerns by offering a highly affordable, user-friendly solution packed with essential and advanced features.

AnalyseSurvey features include:

Multiple Question Types
Numerous Sample Surveys
Choice of Plans- Free and Corporate
High Customizability
Diverse Survey and Response Collection Modes
Advanced Analysis
Online Help
Dedicated Customer Support


ePeoplePower - People, Strategy, Performance
Strategy execution is the single hardest challenge organizations face. Studies have repeatedly shown that the most important reason for failure in executing strategy is the lack of integration of people performance with strategy execution. ePeoplePower is designed to be a solution that brings together the strategy picture and the people picture.

ePeoplePower is an integrated Performance Management System that includes:

Strategy Deployment
Performance Planning
Performance Review
Reward Management
Performance Analytics
Advanced Analysis
Online Help
Dedicated Customer Support


e360 is a Powerful, flexible, streamlined online 360 degree feedback management tool. It approves accurate assessment of the employee, increases self-awareness and drives development.

Features include:

Easy Questionnaire creation
Multiple Question formats
High Customizability
Easy to Track Participants
Powerful and Advanced Reports
Online Help
Dedicated Customer Support



eScorecard is a web-based, multi-dimensional application that allows organizations to accurately measure performance, quality and obtain a real-time first hand report of factors that affect productivity. e-Scorecard is a strategic tool that can help organizations with planning and priority setting as well as monitoring the achievement of objectives.

Features include:

View snapshots of a team / business units performance across all parameters, quadrants and sectors simultaneously

Customize analyses and reports (multi graphs, crosstab analysis, team / parameter-wise)

Create internal whiteboards for private, group and public messaging

Create internal 'Hall of Fame' gallery to recognize and reward desired performance

Choose indicators and individual parameters team-wise / organization-wise to examine in greater detail

Track performance over time

View results using a variety of innovative graphics

Download reports to other applications and save, print and reformat


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