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"The secret of success in life is, for a man to be ready for his opportunity when it comes."- Earl of Beaconsfield

Do you want to be part of a successful and winning team? Opportunity beckons at CEO Infotech.

We employ people from different cultures, experiences, lifestyles, and skill sets.

CEO Infotech is looking for energetic, talented people who are passionate and zestful and can inspire and act as catalysts in driving technological advancement in the Customer Interaction domain. With us, optimization is the buzzword, be it in our business objectives or in people excellence.

Individuals who seek unique opportunities to learn - exposure to various domains and multiple platforms in terms of technology - look no further. At CEO Infotech, people come first. It is a continuous learning process that allows people to achieve extraordinary results. Knowledge is only the first step in transformation and has to be converted into action from a conceptual level. And action manifests itself into knowledge building through structured training programs, sponsorship for higher education, and participation in seminars/ conferences.

Exploring and experiencing the present to innovate the future, it does not stop with work only.

Life at CEO Infotech doesn't start and end with work alone. It is full of activities, which employees can participate in and share a sense of bonding with fellow employees. Events such as Share and Care (CEO Infotech employee feedback), department parties, get-togethers and interactive sessions are aimed at promoting knowledge and fun at work. Our organizational culture enables people to excel as individuals and also as a team.

If you would like to be part of the CEO Infotech team, send in your resume to

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