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Yes, there are grapevines - official and unofficial. There are also designated people who can bring the information to you from the lowest level of organization. But wouldn’t it place you in a better and more comfortable situation if you can speak to all people concerned, obtain data, validate all the information and take really ‘informed decisions’?

And you really do not even need to move from your desk. Be it a customer, vendor, colleague, other department members, or even your own friends and relatives...they are all just a question and a click away from you.

With our state of art, yet simple to use AnalyseSurvey software, all you need to conduct a survey is a set of questions. Log in to our system, type in your questions, give people options if you want or let them suggest, group the questions to validate the result better, select the list the recipients and hit ‘send’.

The rest is done by the recipients of your mail and our application. All information is stored in the format you want to view. Want to play with the combinations? Download the data to any spreadsheet and calculate. Not in a mood for crunching numbers? Our inbuilt data processing and display models give you the flexibility of viewing the information in nearly anyway you want. Cross tab reports, graphs, validator comparisons...its just a matter of choosing your parameter on our GUI screen.

Make an informed decision. Get in touch with us today to experience the ease and sophistication of AnalyseSurvey. As always, we are just a call or a click away.


1. Design Professional Online Surveys
With multiple question types and numerous sample surveys to choose from, creating a professional survey is so easy with AnalyseSurvey.

2. Choose Your Plan
Free and Corporate - choose the plan that exactly suits your needs. Click
here to learn about plans

3. Add Power to Your Surveys
With Cross Tab, Inconsistency Validator, Ask-If, Required Field Validator, Answer Randomization, and Unlimited Surveys and Questions, you can add power to your surveys.

4. Customize Your Surveys
Make your surveys your very own - with customized Intro and Thank You Pages, Headers and Footers, and Total Branding Flexibility.

5. Enjoy Powerful Survey and Response Options
Email, Pop-up Surveys, Mass Mail, Live Surveys, Response Tracking -the list of options you have to survey and collect response are numerous.

6. Benefit from Advanced Analysis
Get real-time reports, view summary results, view individual responses, apply filters, view 2D/3D Charts, export results and charts to multiple formats, and set up multi-user accounts.

7. Be Assured-With Dedicated Support
Find contextual help online with comprehensive How To and FAQ sections. Get your needs addressed with dedicated support.

Be it a simple training feedback, a large employee engagement survey or complex market research, AnalyseSurvey is an advanced, affordable and easy-to-use solution that changes the way you gather your vital information.


>> go to AnalyseSurvey website
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